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We stayed in the hospital for the rest of the day, watching a slowly growing number of other students to arrive. Though only those who had broken their necklace and who lived in this tower. Most of them had broken limps, only a few had bite marks or worse. Some chatting revealed that the majority of wounds originated from careless stunts. Some fights with the wildlife forced others to return and a few had to because of very bad luck. None of them had an encounter with the Others, but they still were frightened as we told our story to them. It showed that all of us had taken the danger as mere theory and why not? The secret organization was in our dimension and therefore far away from us right now. Why worry about them now? It had shocked everyone as we told them and sent the leadership of the towers in deep confusion. Jason and the other two had left after we arrived and non had heard from them since then. We kept out ears open as the staff of the hospital released us in the evening and caught a few gossips about an impending attack of the 'Others' and other things that were plain nonsense, but nothing that told us anything new.

The tower naturally was pretty empty as we made our way towards our rooms. None of us said much on the way, but you could feel how the cloak of depression slowly vanished, which was replaced by relieve. We had returned to the safety of the tower, evading the 'Others' and could sleep without the fear of being found and killed.

Tanja and Nick gave us their farewells and continued towards their room, while Stefan and I entered ours. It was very good to see this room again and it spread a feeling of safety through me as we had closed the door. Funny. We lived in this room for about a week now, but it already was some kind of home for me. Stefan too sighed in relive and sat down on his bed, watching the night through the window. I joined him after a minuted and laid down on my own, while being careful to spare my wound from unnecessary movement.

My right wing membrane did trouble me the most. The tear in it had to be stitched multiple times and both sides had a thick layer of salve on it. It then was bandaged and stabilized, preventing me from closing the wing completely. This naturally restricted my movement a bit. The good thing was, that the doctor had assured me that I could use it again in a day or two. The fact that my wing was more important to me, than the deep wound on my flank, startled me a bit and I made a mental note to ask about Marko about that later. I curled myself together then and was asleep after a few minutes, dreaming about home.

The night went by event less and the next day was started by repeated knocks at our door. Stefan was still asleep and didn't even show any reaction towards the noise, leaving it up to me to open it. I stood up and went towards it, while yawning loudly and stretched a last time before I opened the door, which revealed a white half dragon. He wore some kind of black armor which protected most of him, even his wings were covered. A helm was dangling down from his belt and would have fit perfectly on his muzzle, had he worn it.

"Jason sent me. You are ordered to meet him in the library in an hour." He started before I could say anything and walked away without waiting for a reply.

'Nice guy' I snorted silently, as I left the room and headed towards the canteen.

The first thing I noticed as I stepped outside was the patrol that came around the corner which let to Tanja and Nick. All of them were half dragons and had similar armor like the one who knocked at our door. And those weren't the only ones. I met two more on my way down. One being werewolves the other being a mix of griffins and hippogryphs. All were armored and looked like a force to be reckoned with. I reminded me of my time in the army, though we weren't nearly as disciplined as them. The canteen luckily was free of them, only the staff was there and had already begun to cook for the myth that were in the tower at the moment. Martin spotted me as I took place at my usual place and arrived moments later with some meal for him and me.

"Good to see you again. Heard that you run in a bit of trouble out there." He started, "Small encounter with the Others eh?"

"Good to see you too and yes. Wasn't pretty and I'm very glad to be here again." I replied after devouring the first small chunk of meat, "News spreed fast, don't they?"

"Guess why the guards are here. The councils were worried that your encounter is only the beginning. They were right you know? We started to bring the groups back to the tower after the guards arrived with the new. Two groups have vanished and the only thing the rescuers found was the necklace. The other groups that had encountered the 'Others' broke theirs and returned with the news." Martin replied with a worried tone, "Your teacher is among those that are out there nonstop and try to find the lost ones."

"And our rectors?" I asked, hoping for the lost ones to be ok.

"Didn't leave their camber by now. Heard that they debated the whole night and try to find a way to solve the problem." Martin said, "It's a bit chaotic at the moment and I hope that it doesn't get worse."

"Me too. Last thing we need is a war." I replied, "Or something similar."

"Only time will show. Though the councils started to gather their armies just in case." Martin replied worried and we looked at each other for a short moment without saying anything.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked.

"Pretty. I overheard a talk between guards and they too didn't sound very excited about it." Martin replied.

This left us both in silence as we eat and no other topic was started until we finished our meals. Martin went for the kitchen after that to prepare other meals for the breakfast. I myself left shortly after and started to walk towards the library. The half dragon patrol went past me again and most of them nodded towards me. A gesture I replied, as I thought about what Martin had told me. The hallway seemed to drop in temperature as I did and sent me to shiver, thinking about the consequences that my erupt from it.

My arrival at the dragon floor didn't light my mood much. Every door was guarded by a half dragon and a werewolf. The main library even had a larger red dragon in front of it, who too was fully armored. The style of the armor was the same of the half dragons, only for a quadruped form. The armor itself was a lot thicker than the half dragon one and made the dragon itself look like a tank on four legs. Though I would bet that the armor itself wasn't half as heavy as it looked, else it would be useless for us fliers.

A slight unease came over me as all eyes laid on me, especially those of the other dragon. He was only around half a meter larger than I, but the armor gave him a very intimidating look. I gulped and nodded to him as I walked past, bringing the awkward moment behind me as fast as possible. A slim smile from him told me everything about his thoughts and I was glad that I wasn't the first one who had this feeling in his presence. I sighed in relieve after I had entered the library and closed the door behind me. Jason was already there.

"Ah good morning Rob." Jason greeted, "How's your wing?"

"Good morning. Better thanks, but still a bit stiff." I replied, "Why did you call me and why so many armored guards?"

"The council decided it and I agree to it." He started, "And you are here because the council wished to talk to you personally. We are in the middle of this circle and the law would deny us a return for five days."

"Because of the illness?" I asked.

"Yes. I see the reason why they decided it, though I don't agree with it." Jason replied, "Not much I can do though, even while being a council member myself. Jim will inform your friends and I'll see to it that you stay in contact for the remaining of the circle."

"Thanks I guess." I replied, not found of the idea to leave everyone, "When will we depart?"

"The moment they open the portal. A few protocols were activated. No incoming portal is allowed. All that come through a incoming portal are to be killed on sight, unless they throw a specific crystal through it first." Jason explained, "They won't take any risks, as long as this goes on."

"Understandable. Though do we have one in this tower?" I replied.

"The captain of the guards has one, just in case." Jason replied and walked a bit away from me, "Let me get ready for the travel. The other council member aren't so found of seeing humans."

The transformation looked exactly like the one from Marko, but on much bigger scale and Jason was replaced by huge golden dragon, who was four times as big as I was. He filled a good amount of room in the library and I was pretty sure that he could touch the roof if he wanted to. His missing left fore leg was concealed by a piece of red clothing which covered his entire left side. The cloth was covered with several patterns, including a dragon who wore a crown and flew over a city. He only had two big horns, which still gave him a intimidating look aside from his size. A scar went down his neck and ended behind his shoulder, while another one went along his tail.

"Much better." he said, stretching his limbs a bit, "It's way to rare for me to be myself."

"No possibility to hide it where you live?" I asked curiously.

"Hardly, though I manage it from time to time." Jason replied, "Mostly in the City of Dragons. Which reminds me. Don't be offended should the council addresses you as Whelp. They are a bit conservative on this topic and won't see you as dragon as long as the circle goes on."

"Good to know." I replied sarcastically, as the air to our side began to shimmer.

The portal Jason had mentioned was slowly building up and grew until Jason fit through it, leaving half of the library in bright light. It almost matched with Jason in color but had a much brighter gold tone than his scales had.

"There we go. I'll go first, stay at my side and do what I say." He ordered and then walked through the portal. I waited for a moment, took a deep breath and stepped into it myself.

It was as if I would fall upwards in a world of light. I got pulled towards a direction I couldn't neither see nor touch and the whole experience was over before I knew it, stumbling out of the portal behind Jason. I surely looked rather silly and the grin on Jason face didn't make it any better.

"Don't worry Rob, the first time is always the worst one." He snickered and motioned me to follow.

We were in a sink which was surrounded by high walls, which were guarded by half and full dragons of every color. The sink itself was a semicircle with a radius of about hundred meters with its straight side connecting to a ramp that led out of it. The ground was covered by a complex pattern of crystals, which emitted a weak light. The other thing I noticed from down here was that we were in a cave, with its roof being around two hundred meters above us by the look of it. This proved right but still was nowhere near what I had imagined by now.

The 'actual' cave was enormous in its size and featured a very interesting building style. The ramp connected towards a plaza which was as wide as the semicircle, but double in length and it to was surrounded by step walls which were circa twenty meters in height. Small ramps led out of it and up the next layer. Four pillars went from here to the roof and four more around the rest of the cave. Though the four here were a lot thicker and each had a strange overgrowth on them. Weak blue lights were all over the pillars and originated from other crystals. The main cave itself had nine layers without the sink and each one featured caves in regular distances.

"Surprised?" Asked Jason in an amused tone.

"Very." Was all I could reply to this and continued to examine the cave, while we made or way out of the plaza.

"This is what the tower should have been." Jason started to explain, "The cave was dug out by manticors, who too built the water systems and several other installations. The growth and the park which spans more than a third of this cave was planted by unicorns and provides us with fresh air. The plants are crossbreeds and only need a very small amount of light. The cave itself is a kilometer in length, five hundred and eighty meters wide and two hundred meters in height. The plaza and the sink with the portal runes are the lowest layer and the only ones who are lit, while the council and the canteen take the first. Each layer is twenty meters higher than its predecessor and each is thirty meters in width. Layer two to seven contains caves for us dragons and half dragons, while the eighth holds training grounds and libraries and the armory. The whole complex is four hundred meters under the sea level and has no direct connection to the surface."

"Wow and I thought the tower was a masterpiece." I replied, while we arrived in front of the portal that let to the council. "How long does this place exist and how comes it that I didn't read about it in the library of the tower."

"Around seven hundred years and you wont find anything in books about it. No city is named and the existence of them is among our best kept secrets. No one, not even I know where it is exactly. Our only way of opening portals towards here are the stones down in the sink and those are guarded around the clock." Jason answered. "Every dragon who we have to hide from sight lives here. That includes you and me too at the moment and I'm sure that we'll find a nice cave for you after the meeting. Now come. The council is waiting and I want this to be over as quickly as possible."

We went into the tunnel that led to the council and went past several bigger doors as we stopped in front of the main door which would lead to our target. Two large dragons in armor sat in front of it and were watching our approach interested, especially me. They stepped aside as Jason was near and left us enough place to get through. The door opened by itself and revealed a large room decorated with carpets and tapestries of every size and color. Five dragons were waiting in the chamber. Two of them with the same height of Jason who himself took place between the black and the brass dragon. That left me alone in the front of them, absorbing their gazes with unease. The other three were half dragons, who were green, white and bronze in color. And all with their different appearances.

"So Jason this is the whelp you were talking of?" The brass dragon opened the meeting, reminding me of what Jason had said earlier.

"Yes. Rob was in the group that first encountered the 'Others'." Jason replied, emphasizing my name, "He and three others managed to escape them. They even found one of our lost myths."

"Ah yes one of your ominous lost myths. We talked about them before and I think we decided to count them as dead, didn't we?" The white one replied to this.

"Actually that's still a point to debate about. The decision isn't final and isn't relevant for today." The green one replied and looked at me, "We called this meeting to get first claw information about the situation and how we should deal with it. Would you be so kind to tell us what happened out there young one?"

"Where do I start?" I said more to myself and decided to start at the beginning of our travel.

I told them how we started and out small encounter with those wolves, which caught the interest of the black dragon. I got interrupted as I told them about the cloud.

"Do I get this right. You tell us that a cloud was created? Similar in properties as the one that transported you there in the first place?" The bronze half dragon asked.

"Yes. It looked quite similar, though I can't tell if the one we got transported in featured strong winds and thunder." I replied, thinking about the question.

"That's troubling. They shouldn't be capable of producing a portal of this strength and size. Did you notice anything else?" The bronze half dragon asked further.

"Nothing you wouldn't expect from a storm of this size." I answered honestly, "The next day though brought some interesting findings."

"Which would be?" The white half dragon asked sceptically.

"We found the remains of a truck. This truck was full of weapons, a crate full of what appeared to be headsets and one full of documents. The documents made us realize that this truck belonged to the others and one of my group mates decided it would be best if we take some of those headsets with us. Though I don't exactly know where they are at the moment." I replied in detail, hoping to answer satisfying.

"I can answer that." Jason interrupted, "Those headsets Rob mentioned are with the werewolves at the moment for further testing, though first reports have shown that those headsets are more than they seem to be."

"Interesting." The black dragon replied and looked back to me, "What happened next?"

"We continued our walk until shoots impacted near us. They Others hunted us along the land and only luck prevented us from being captured or killed. A crack in the earth featured a tunnel that offered us a way to escape." I answered, "We wanted to try our luck as wing noises from the outside draw our attention."

"Wing noises?" The green half dragon asked curiously.

"Yes. They belonged to a bronze dragon who went through the last circle." I replied and the room suddenly was silent enough to hear a pin drop.

"Are you sure about this? Couldn't have it been a wild animal that looked similar to one of us?" The green half dragon asked further.

"Yes I'm absolutely sure. This dragon was Arthur and he tried to kill us. I did sent the others ahead and denied him to hunt them. My wounds originate from this fight and I'm glad that it stayed with those." I explained, which again sent the room into silence, "We managed to escape after he flew away in pain and broke the necklace the moment we were sure that nobody followed us."

This sent the six councilors into a heated debate, ignoring me in the process. Though I was glad that I had scales. Small flames flew here and there, some even ignited a few carpets and this went on until they noticed that I was still with them. They interrupted their talk long enough to send me outside and continued the moment I went through the door, leaving me with the two armored dragons and a red half dragon who walked towards me.

"Boy you started something in there." The half dragon said as the door had closed, "The carpet normally starts to burn four or five hours into the meeting, not after one."

"Is that good or bad?" I asked confused, causing the two guards to snicker.

"Normally I would say normal, in this case though bad." He replied, "But that's not why I'm here. The council ordered me to show you your cave and it's a long way without wings."

We left the tunnel, accompanied with several roars out of the council room and turned right towards another ramp that leaded to the next tier. My guide was right about the time we would need, as each tier had one ramp, which led up and down and each of those was at the opposite side of the cave, making it a long way to reach the most upper tier. That in combination with the complete darkness in which we dragons could watch without problem, was a perfect defense against any attack that might occur. The uppermost layer wasn't even connected by a ramp. You had to climb or fly to get there, adding another defense for the valuable goods up there.

It took us almost an hour to reach the sixth floor and another ten to reach a cave which had a tag with my name on it. It was big enough to house Jason and me with ease, while still featuring enough space for other things. A small pound with water in it was on the right wall of the cave and easily to reach. A human sized door let further into it, but it naturally was to small for me to enter being a dragon. Next to the door stood several flashlights with a set of spare batteries for each, which seemed a bit strange to me. Why would I need these?

"Why do I need torches?" I asked my guide confused.

"You doesn't really need those, but everyone else who may be living with you and who doesn't have the advantage of being able to see in the dark." He explained amused, "The door you see lets to several rooms which humans or bipedal myths may need. The rooms are completely staffed, though we doesn't really use them that often up here. Most settle into caves in the second or third tier."

"And the other caves up here? Are those empty at the moment?" I asked, while looking around.

"Some are occupied, though most dragons work over the day. The majority of them are on guard duty at the moment, be it here or in the tower." My guide replied, "The ones that aren't normally do what they want, though most sit in the library or train."

"Does that include me too? I mean I'm still in the circle." I asked further.

"Not that I'm aware of so far. Though I think that the armory would be interested to get your sizes for an armor as long as you are here." He said, thinking about the question, "Though your wing somewhat prevents that at the moment. Do you have any other questions?"

"Nothing that couldn't wait until Jason returns." I replied to which my guide nodded.

"I'll leave you alone then, feel free to explore the cave as much as you like. The canteen should start do serve meals in about an hour or so." My guide said, while stepping towards the edge if the layer, "The tunnel opposite to the council lets towards it. Have fun and a good day."

He waved and let himself drop, spreading his wings in the process and sailed towards the plaza, while I remained in front of my cave. I began to walk back down towards the plaza myself after a few minutes, being a bit bored and not so excited by the idea to remain alone for a while. The meeting surely would take a long time, remembering the literally heated debate.

The way down left me more time to examine the activities around me and those were interesting to watch. Several dragons were working on each layer of the park, while a few others tended the growth on the middle pillars. The wall that circled around the portal place was littered with armored dragons, be it half or full dragon and several patrols flew around the cave, looking for everything that was not normal.

'They surely doesn't risk anything.' I though to myself as a small half dragon patrol flew past me, throwing quick glances on me.

That pattern repeated itself on every layer, me walking downwards and patrols flying past. Though it stopped as I reached the second layer, where I was watched by guards on the ground. The looks and the armor of the guards still intimidated me a bit and I didn't wanted to know what it would look like should one charge towards you.

I arrived at the plaza roughly after the same time we had needed to arrive at my cave and I arrived at the canteen a few minutes later. Jason surprisingly was there already and waited near the kitchen. The canteen itself was another large cave with possibilities to sit for both, half and full dragons. The kitchen was open and revealed anything that as done in there. The staff solely featured half dragons and was busy to prepare meals for the coming inhabitants of the cave. Jason waved me to him as he spotted me.

"Found a nice little cave?" He asked amused, while I laid down on the plank next to him.

"Well little isn't the term I would use, but yes I have." I answered, "And the meeting?"

"Paused at the moment. The other councilors wanted to get a feedback from their agents about the missing myths and that will take some while." He replied and waved to someone in the kitchen, "They still don't believe what happened to Arthur. Your report startled them and the analysis of the headsets didn't make it any better."

"Because they are used to control the myths am I right?" I asked, putting one and one together.

"Yes, but keep it for yourself at the moment. The fact that myths out there are controlled by the 'Others' isn't something to be taken lightly and we fear that the attack on the students was only the beginning." Jason stated in a worried tone, but paused as our meals arrived, "I want you to go to the hospital after we finish this and let them check your wing."

"Ok and what if it is?" I asked, devouring a smaller piece of meat.

"Head to the armory and talk with the dragon in there. He prepared everything he needs to build your armor and shaped your claws." Jason said and added in a worried tone, "This whole situation is new for us and the momentary mood of the councils isn't the best. They'll declare open war  should it escalate."

"Is it that bad?" I gulped to which Jason nodded.

"The tower dimension wasn't discovered over centuries and now it is. The other thing is the control which the 'Others' have over their captured myths." Jason explained, "No one dares to imagine what they could do with them or which information they got."

"Though it would explain how they found the dimension the tower is in." I thought out loud.

"Yes and it's the reason why every city is heavily guarded. We don't want to risk that they suddenly appear without us being ready." Jason replied and looked around, "Anyways. Keep all that for yourself and do as I have told you. I want you to be ready should anything happen."

I nodded and we switched to a more common topic as the places around us became crowded with other dragons. Most of them were wearing their armor, while only a few did not. Jason and I finished our meals a few minutes later and parted ways as we left the canteen, with me heading to the hospital. It too was on this layer and only a couple of minutes away from the canteen.

Like the canteen it was operated by half dragons, who looked kind of bored. Which was quite understandable. Not a single patient was in it, while the whole staff seemed to be there. My arrival obviously didn't get by unnoticed and I soon was guided towards a single panel. A few words were exchanged and the staff immediately began to examine my wounds. The one on my side was completely healed by now and ready to take another beating, while the wing gave them a few troubles to determine if I could use it or not. The tear seemed to have been closed, but had left a small white line on my wing.

They tried a few things with it and instructed me to use it a few times until they were satisfied. I got released after they put a new film of salve on it. My wing was usable, though they advised me to only fly short distances for today. I thanked them and left the hospital shortly after, stretching my wings a few times and started in the direction of the armory on the most upper layer of the cave, which wasn't difficult to find.

It was the biggest cave on it and featured several forges and a complex looking network of tubes above them. Half and full dragons worked together, whereas the dragons kept the forges running while the half dragons operated at them. Each forge worked on a differed piece of armor, while some half dragons examined done work for mistakes. I landed in front of it and looked for the one who Jason had ordered me to talk to, but realized that he didn't gave me any description of him or her.

"Ah our new dragon. Welcome to our forge." A voice said, solving my problem.

A half dragon and a full dragon made their way towards me. Both had red scales and somehow looked similar, despite the difference of being two different kinds of dragons.

"Good day. Jason said I should come here to get my armor." I said cautious.

"Did he?" The full dragon laughed, "Well, we first need your measures. Every armor is a unique item which only fits the dragon it was made for. Though we normally don't make one for new dragons. Your growth is to fast in the first years and you'll need a new armor relatively early."

"Though the measuring takes the most time. Everything is ready for forging." The half dragon continued, while examining me, "Hows your side?"

"The doctors said that it's fine. But how is my side important for the forging of my armor?" I answered confused.

"You'll see." He said grinning, "Name's Issac by the way and that's my brother Charles."

"Nice to meet you. Mine is Rob." I replied, "That explains the similarity."

"Yeah we hear that now and then." Charles laughed, "Now then, lets start this."

Issac began to take measures and Charles began to instruct several teams of dragons, who operated the forges. The work didn't really start until Issac had finished taking measures of my tail. He handed them over to a pair of dragons who then started to heat metal which I couldn't identify. The forge itself was made out of the material they had used to build the tower and a quick demonstration by Charles showed me how hot it was around them. The air was hot enough to smelt steel, while the metal they worked with only started to become red and bendable.

The process of forging started in steps, while the teams bend, hammered and heated the metal. By the time they began to forge the last piece of armor as the first pieces were already finished. White glowing metal with the vague form of my tail tip was pulled out of one forge and handed towards Issac. It was astounding that he held it with his bare claws, while walking towards me with a concentrated look on his face.

"To answer your previous question Rob." He said to me as he slammed the white glowing metal right onto my tail tip, while Charles made sure that I couldn't move it, "It fits best this way."

I could feel the heat and it was quite unpleasant, even for someone who could shake it off. But it didn't hurt and no trace was left of it as Issac took it of again. A snort from me caused Charles to laugh and hit me on my shoulder as he walked past, yelling instructions to the other forge teams.

This act repeated itself for hours until most of my armor was cooling down. Only my helm was still in the forge, while heating up. The full dragon of the forge who, did my tail armor, joined Charles this time as Issac and the forge team readied the helm.

"Please lay down." Charles said, which I did. "This could hurt a bit. Don't move."

Charles and the other dragon held my neck and forced all their weight on me as Issac stopped in front of me.

"Close your eyes and take a deep breath." Issac said, preparing to press the helm on my head.

I did as he told me and closed my eyes, which was followed by a immense pain as the heat crawled into the open spots of my snout, causing me to whimper a bit. The dragons made sure that I couldn't move, while Issac pressed the helm on my head. The half dragon that worked at the forge used his hammer on several spots, improving the helm where it needed to improve. Issac then pulled the helm off and gave it to an other dragon who continued to work on it. The pressure of the other two dragons faded afterwards and they allowed me to move again.

"And that's it. Another armor and another happy costumer." Issac said, washing his hands in a nearby bucket, "Now all that's left is to wait for it to cool down a bit."

"Thanks I guess. Could have warned me about though." I huffed, "It's not nice to press glowing metal onto someone."

"And miss the fun? I think not." Charles laughed, "Wait until you see the result. It always is worth the pain."

"How long do I have to wait for it to be ready?" I asked, guessing that it would take a while.

"An hour or so." Issac replied and laughed as he saw my expression, "The metal cools down very fast and you doesn't feel the heat anyways. All but your helm should be ready in half an hour. The engraving and finishing started right after we made sure the pieces would fit."

"Engraving?" I asked confused "Do you doodle on my armor?"

"Only draw a few lines on it for the optic and make sure that it can't accidentally be switched with other parts from another dragon." Charles snickered, "Don't worry we won't draw sheep or other things on it."

"Which left us with only one thing to do. Your claws need to be sharpened." Issac added amused, "We'll do now and you're ready to go after that."

"No way around eh, well go on then." I replied, sighing and followed them deeper into the armory, past the half dragons who worked on my armor.

Issac let me into a separate area which featured only a simple grindstone and some liquids. Nothing I hadn't seen before and the actual process was more or less boring and time consuming. The result was not. I couldn't cut metals with my claws, but I could put a few nice trenches into a few materials, including granite. Issac repeated the process a few times and it took another two hours until he was through with every claw, leaving me with pretty dangerous weapons on each paw.

"Now for the coating. Doesn't want you to accidentally harm someone." Issac said and started to put one of the thicker liquids on my claws, "This puts a safety layer on your claws and allow you to work with them, without the fear of cutting anything. It'll go off when enough force is applied."

"Nice. Do all dragons have this on their claws?" I asked curiously.

"Only the ones who were here or in one of the other cities. Would be to suspicious to do it in the upper world." Issac explained, while putting the bottle away, "Now lets see how far your armor is."

He guided me out of the room again and we walked towards the place were they had worked on different pieces of my armor as we went past them. Most of the half dragons didn't clean their workplaces by now, while only one polished the helm. The armor pieces hung next to several fans, while Charles and another half dragon inspected the results.

"Look like it is ready Rob." Issac said as he stepped next to his brother, "Or what do you say Charles?"

"Finished and ready to go, though the helm needs a few more minutes." Charles replied proudly, "On it boys lets put this armor onto where it belongs."

They started with my body armor and continued onwards until every vital part of my body was covered. Each piece secured by leather straps in hard to reach places. It was a bit strange to wear such armor the first time, but not unpleasant. The pieces didn't slow me down or hindered me in mobility and allowed me to move completely normal. Even the weight wasn't that noticeable, it was easier to carry than Stefan. Though one piece was still missing.

"Is the armor fine so far?" Charles asked,"No pressure anywhere or a miss fitting piece?"

"Nope, it's perfect as far as I can tell." I replied, while examining the armor.

"Then lets finish the work. Issac the helm." Charles said, noting towards Issac.

He took the helm and sat it on my head after I lowered it. The helm did fit perfectly and covered everything except for my mouth, eyes and ears. Straps behind my horns secured it and the weight itself somewhat pressed it on my head.

"That's it." Issac stated and turned around to his crew, "Good work everyone, very good work! The drinks go on me today."

"As for you Rob. Have fun with it and remember that it only guards you. It doesn't make you invulnerably." Charles said, "We'll be in the canteen in an hour or so, if you want to join."

"Thanks and thanks for the offer. Though I'll first look for Jason and tell him that it's done." I replied, still examining my new armor.

"Do that the evening is..." Charles was about to say, as flash of light emerged from the plaza.

We rushed to the edge and saw what had happened. A big portal had opened and every dragon in the cave was in high alert until a singly crystal came though it. The situation calmed down as Marko and several other myths of the tower stepped through it, quickly filling the small plaza. This went on until humans arrived, which were quickly identified as the ones that had declined to join the myths.

"What is this? Shouldn't they stay in the tower?" Issac asked confused and looked to me.

"No idea." I said, shacking my head.

The exodus went on until several medics with wounded arrived, myths and human alike. The portal closed after all guards had stepped though, sealing the dimensional portal and the connection to the tower. Jason and the council emerged out of their tunnel but moments later, making the chaos down there complete. Most of the humans stood together with frightened looks on their faces, being surrounded by us myths. The medics on the other hand had begun to transport the wounded towards the hospital, taking a lot of humans with them. All activity in the cave had stopped by now, while the guards tried get control over the situation.

"Well so much for a drink." Charles said, "Lets head down there and see if we can help."

We nodded to this and lets us drop from the edge, opening our wings and glided down towards the second tier of the cave. The weight of the armor did make itself noticeable, but didn't have much impact on the flight. Though I did land a bit harder than anticipated. Issac and Charles had landed a bit farther away, remaining in front of a cave. Our landing didn't went by unnoticed as several faces were looking towards each of us, while Jason mentioned me to come to him. A short glide did it, revealing my new belongings to the others.

"Rob do me a favor and take your friends and the half dragons with you. The caves next to you are free and we need the room right now." Jason said silently, while the other councilors were talking to each other.

It took only a few minutes until all were there and a few more to organize a few flashlights. Tanja tried to hug me again, which she stopped as the touched the still hot metal of my armor. We were began our way and the questioning started shortly after.

"Rob, is there are reason that you are here and wearing an armor? And why is it so hot?" Tanja asked, still rubbing her paw.

"The council wanted to talk to me about our small adventure with the 'Others'. The armor was Jason's idea and for the third question. Because it was forged six or seven hours ago and is still cooling down." I replied, which caused the others to look confused.

"You're wearing this only ours after it was forged?" Nick asked surprised.

"Well yes but for the second time. First was as it emerged from the forge." I answered amused and added, "A fireproof hide is useful sometimes."

"How hot was it?" Linh asked curiously,

"Hot enough that the warm air could smelt steel." I replied, hearing several gasps, "Ever dragon and half dragon goes through that as far as I heard."

"Great." Jessica muttered.

"But enough of me. What happened to you?" I asked,

"The 'Others' happened." Monica started, "They found the tower and attacked, even managed to weaken the structure of one tower. The guards fought them of but the cracks in the atrium became larger from minute to minute and the decision to evacuate shortly after."

"Some are still there and try to fix the damage somehow, but it didn't look very good." Frank added, "Well at least we are on our earth again."

"More under it." I joked and switched to more common topics.

The way up onto the sixth tier again took a while and all were glad as we stopped in front of my cave. The others were a bit surprised as they saw how I lived here, but did find it interesting after a few moments. The housing itself was explored rather quickly and revealed enough room for three people, causing us to split into two caves. Rachel and Samuel went a few caves further and settled there.

I continued to watch the chaos below us, which looked more and more like a small ant  farm. Half dragons and dragons alike were moving out of their caves and settled down in the higher tiers of the cave, while humans and other myths went into the caves that became free. This went on for hours in which my group went down again and into the canteen. They got back even before all was done down there, while the council and the guards directed everyone. Marko's arrival up on our tier marked the end of the exodus for now and left a rather exhausted dragon besides me.

"So much for the fail safe." He began depressed, as he sat down next to me, "Would you believe that? Every human remembers what happened and some demand to be released from our hold."

"Can't blame them." I replied, "We kept them over the whole time and they slid into a war they didn't know about."

"True and it'll be complicated to explain everything to them." Marko yawned, "Though I think that I'll rest for now. To much happened in to little time."

"Good night." I said and watched as he laid down in one of the nearby caves, "This whole thing got a lot more complicated."
*Edited a few minor mistakes*

The aftermath of the hunt and a small change in scenery with a few surprises as extra.

Had fun to write this chapter, especially the scene with the armorer was a blast.

Have fun reading and see you soon! :)

Plot, characters and setting belongs to me
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DraconicClan Featured By Owner Edited Jan 17, 2016  Student Writer
Do not get me wrong , I like this story but I am kinda confused. "Myths" And "others" Are fighting a war for centurys. The others are upgrading their weapons to long range firearms but the myths are stuck at mostly melee combat. Worst strategy ever, sticking with old bad tactics and sending melee forces at high ranged forces. Why?

Some other 'flaws' I found are:
-if they are more or less real myth, do they have genetals? The "scales hide it" is okay but werewolfes and griffins ect. What are with those? Does noone care about the nudity or so? Also they are able to transform into their myth and since they all probably have a gender while being a myth... Do they have sexuality classes there? They are learning everything but like in real life, even if this is a normal no go topic , it has to be learned one day.

- If the heat is around the smelting point of steel and the hide of specific myths can withstand it, what is with all the open spots on the body and all the water? Blood must be boiling under the skin/hide/scales/ whatever, eyes will melt and vaporise with other things. Think about it, quite horrible experience.

Okay I know this is a fantasy story and yeah, you can say it's this gravitatitonal manipulaton but I'm just saying.

Still very well made and don't take this too personal. Thumbs up.
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I just caught up with the story and I must say its fantastic! Everything is described in detail but not too much to bore you and the quality of the work is fantastic.
I eagerly await the next part.
Robinton Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :). I'll try to release the next part as fast as possible.
Komyeta Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So many things happened in this chapter that im just speechless, so far the story goes amazingly good, and I had a lot of fun reading it, I'm looking forward for the next chapter :D

Until then, good bye ^^
Robinton Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe thanks and good to hear ^.=.^
coolcat007 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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Robinton Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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As someone who occasionally does backdrops as art and formerly maker of big dioramas, that whole place would be something to craft! The imagination creates it pretty well though.

How Rob is going to get the armor into the overheads on the plane for the trip home however... ;-)

One thing we have in common in doing stories is a thorough build of the scenics and worlds involved. I can tell you enjoy that part, as I do.

A great read.
Robinton Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :). Though the armory part was more or less a spontan idea like the chef in dc2.
Rekalnus Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Its the spontaneous parts that often have that something extra.
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